Instructor: James Bern
Dates: Jan 10, 2022 - Jan 14, 2022
Time: 10:00am - 11:00am Lecture, 11:00am - 12:00pm Lab

Github + Issues | Asynchronous Lectures

SEMANTIC COMPRESSION | user4842163 expounds on quadtrees

Intro to C on Windows - Day 1 | Handmade Hero Day 001 - Setting Up the Windows Build | Jonathan Blow – Preventing the Collapse of Civilization | Mike Acton - Data-Oriented Design and C++ | Casey - The Holy OOP Grail | Sean Barrett - Advice for Writing Small Programs in C | Jonathan Blow - Software Quality | Handmade Hero - new vs delete & struct vs class | Handmade Hero - Private Data & Getters / Setters | Sean Barrett - stb_voxel_render.h programming library | Jonathan Blow - Art of getting stuff going | Handmade Hero - Reinventing the wheel | Casey Muratori - Papers I Have Loved

Take this class to learn how to write your own interactive visualizations and simulations from scratch.
Our code will be small, simple, and compile in about one second (at least in debug mode).

- 6.0001 + 6.0002, or equivalent experience.
- Familiarity with C or C++ (or the ability to quickly pick up the basics)

Note: Labs will be open-ended, with plenty to learn regardless of prior experience. If you are an expert there should still be new ideas and techniques for you to pick up. If you are relatively new to C/C++ the course should still be accessible and useful :)