James Bern Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science Williams College jmb15@williams.edu


CSCI 371: Computer Graphics // <- prep to dive into games, animation, and robotics // no prior exposure to linear algebra required


I am starting the CRAFT Lab to "Create Robotic Art and the Future of Toys."


I like to spray paint, write fiction, and make games. art


data/compression-oriented programming // v- highly recommend coding along to episodes 1-30 of handmade hero (YouTube) Casey Muratori Handmade Hero Day 001 (YouTube) Casey Muratori Intro to C on Windows - Day 1 // <- great intro to C (article) Casey Muratori Semantic Compression (YouTube) Sean Barrett Advice for Writing Small Programs in C (YouTube) Mike Acton Data-Oriented Design and C++ misc (YouTube) Jonathan Blow Preventing the Collapse of Civilization (thesis) Limor Fried Social Defense Mechanisms (article) Sean Barrett Enumeration of Polygon Edges from Vertex Windings